Day: November 12, 2011

Company Registration in Thailand

Foreign Business Act in Thailand

The Foreign Business Act Thailand (FBA) defines the laws which governs businesses in Thailand by foreigners. Some provisions relating to the restriction of the rights

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Chapter 8


The final chapter of the Immigration Act is the penalities and it is also one of the longest text in the Immigration Act. Before you

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Chapter 7


This chapter in Thai Immigration Law covers issues which needed further explaination to the rest of the Act. This chapter is important for a number

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Chapter 6

Deportation of the Aliens

If you wonder which laws governs deportation from Thailand then chapter 6 explains the process of deportation from Thailand. This chapter is important for criminal

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Chapter 4

Temporary Stay in the Kingdom

Certain person are allowed ot stay in the Kingdom for a short time. These persons are described in this chapter of Immigration Act. Each giest

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Chapter 3


The Thai Immigration Act makes a special chapter on conveyance and how your travel in Thailand and while entering Thailand for departing Thailand has to

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Chapter 1

Immigration Commission

Chapter 1 of the Thai Immigration Act spells out the position and duties of the Thai Immigration Department. It also spells out the Immigration Commission

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Thailand Immigration Act

Thai Immigration Act

The Thai Immigration Act is there to ensure that the rules and regulations of Thailand has been documented. The Immigration act was enacted on the

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