How to Draft a Will in Thai

If you are in the Thai speaking world, you may be wondering how to draft a will in Thai. This article will give you the essential steps to draft a will in Thai, as well as the legal documents required. Having a will in Thai is a good idea, as it will help you avoid any confusion between your heirs, and prevent long bureaucratic procedures that can be confusing. We also will go over some of the legal documents that you will need for Thai last will and testament.

Thai law determines how to divide property

In Thailand, when a marriage ends, the Thai civil code determines how to divide property. Jointly owned property between husband and wife has to be divided equally between them. However, personal property is not split. If a Thai spouse owns a property while he is married to a foreigner, the real estate will be considered a personal asset of the foreign spouse. Therefore, if the couple decides to divorce, a prenuptial agreement is crucial to protect the interests of both parties.

Steps to drafting a will in Thailand

If you wish to leave something to your loved ones when you die, drafting a will in Thailand is a great way to do it. A Last Will and Testament outlines exactly who you would like to receive your assets. Without a properly drafted will, your wishes for the inheritance of your property will be decided by Thai law. By drafting a will, you will ensure that your wishes will be carried out in a way that is respectful to those who will inherit your property.

Requirements for signing a will in Thai

When you die, the estate of a decedent is distributed according to Thai law. However, you can create a will in Thai to avoid complications. This document specifies the beneficiaries of the decedent’s assets. The Thai Civil and Commercial Code defines statutory heirs. A surviving spouse is an heir if the decedent was legally married. Otherwise, a surviving spouse can only inherit what he or she had.

Legal documents required to draft a will in Thai

If you have assets in Thailand, drafting a will is an important step. It details who you want to inherit your property after your death. It also names an executor and back-up executor, who may be a beneficiary. You can also designate two witnesses to witness the signing of the will. A will must also be drafted if you want to avoid taxes and inheritance disputes. If you live in Thailand and have a will in English, you should also make a living will to name a Health Care Representative.

Cost of drafting a will in Thailand

If you own assets in Thailand, you must draft a will. You should consider writing a Living Will as well. This is a legal document that states exactly what will happen to your assets should you pass away. It should be drafted in Thai. If you don’t speak Thai, you should consider hiring a legal person to draft it. Thai wills are often complex, so you’ll want a legal person who speaks, reads, and writes the language.

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